Factory Start-up


• Conducted comprehensive evaluations of multiple contractors specializing in electrical, environmental, and general services.

• Successfully finalized the contracts and efficiently and effectively oversaw the construction of the new factory.

• Successfully obtained the investment license for a chroming plant of a remarkable scale, totaling 100,000 tons, making it the sole facility of its magnitude granted in Ba Ria–Vung Tau province.

。 Conducted thorough research, qualification, and shortlisting of potential factory sites, followed by a comprehensive due diligence and investigation into their approved DTMs (Environmental Impact Assessment).

。 Collaborated with the consultant to effectively defend the project at the environment assessment panel and get approval from Hanoi.

• Successfully shouldering the responsibility of drafting and negotiating long-term strategic sales contracts with China Steel Sumikin Vietnam, leading to favorable outcomes.

• Implemented procedures for duty-free import of equipment.

• Carefully selected and implemented the VAS accounting and electronic tax filing system.

• Recruited and assembled a proficient accounting team.

• Successfully passed the annual audit conducted by KPMG with unqualified opinions.





Land Liberation/Acquisition


• Successfully obtained the investment certificate, business license, and permit for land expropriation, and rezoning the land from farming to industrial use.

• Accomplished the successful negotiation with more than 70 farmers, acquiring 10 hectares of land, and efficiently navigated through the intricate legal procedures associated with land liberation, resulting in approximately 10 million US dollars cost savings for the company in comparison to leasing land at an industrial park.

• Secured government support for the allocation of land and resources required for the construction of access roads and bridges.

• Thoroughly evaluated and selected a consultant, reviewed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report (DTM), and successfully defended the investment project before the environment assessment panel in collaboration with the consultant.

• Managed the strike, handling conflict negotiation proposals, managing lockouts, addressing picket lines crossing and protection for non-striking workers, and overseeing media handling. Additionally, actively engaged with and calmed the workers, sought assistance from the police, and collaborated with both the state labor department and the labor union.

• Utilizing BPMN and RDBMS modeling, significantly improved the effectiveness of the ERP Import/Export module, streamlining the custom procedures that previously required hours of overtime work to now be completed in less than 4 minutes.

• Organized third-party audits for various programs including Supplier Qualification Program (SQP), Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), C-TPAT, and health and safety (HSE).

• Conducted an investigation into the hydrology systems of the Mekong Delta and proposed waterway barging solutions as an alternative to trucking, with the aim of reducing transportation costs.




World Bank Loan Due Diligence Project

Collated the due diligence report for a project seeking a financing of two billion US Dollars from the World Bank through UniCredit Bank (German). Prepared comprehensive presentations and reports, while closely collaborating with the UniCredit/Akins team to ensure seamless due diligence procedures. Coordinated with the due diligence team, facilitating investigations spanning from Vietnam, China, to Taiwan.




Real Estate Development


• Collaborated in the development of a comprehensive business plan for the coastal shopping strip, amusement park, and Van Dong Island recreation center.

• Conducted market and pricing analysis and actively participated in the private placement process for the Lang Son development project.

• Managed the construction and opening of the Sheraton Four Points Hotel project:

• Organized and oversaw the press conference, including agenda development, preparation of presentation materials, and press releases.

• Collaborated with the Sheraton team on pre-opening planning —

。 Human resources: Facilitated recruitment, established personnel standards, and implemented training programs.

。 Marketing and sales: Developed corporate identity, formulated marketing campaigns, determined sales channels, established pricing policies, and executed pre-opening sales strategies. Also coordinated connections to SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) and GDS (Global Distribution System).

。 Finance: Prepared budgets for the pre-opening phase and the first 12 months of hotel operations.

。 Inspection, certification, and hotel categorization: Ensured compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification, facilitated official categorization, and coordinated inspection processes conducted by Sheraton.




Production & Manufacturing Engineering

Proposed implementing solutions for automating the processes of powder filling, bagging, and carton packaging. These solutions focus on two key aspects:
designing compact systems to prevent the dispersion of fine powder into the air and onto the packaging, and selecting cost-effective materials combinations for machine construction. The ultimate goal of these solutions is to enhance efficiency, lower production costs, enhance quality control, prioritize the health and safety of employees, and promote environmental protection.
Overall, these solutions aim to streamline operations, increase productivity, reduce expenses, maintain stringent quality control measures, prioritize employee well-being, and uphold environmental sustainability standards.