Business Development

Successfully established business relationships with prominent foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in Vietnam:

• Bauxite exploration and mining project of Aluminum Corporation of China (CHALCO)

• China Merchants Group's (CMG) deep water sea port project in Ba-Ria Vung Tau province

• Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation (FHS), an integrated steel plant project

。 CHALCON is a leading company in China's non-ferrous industry, with a strong portfolio of assets among global competitors. It is also China’s largest aluminum company that’s engaged in the whole value chain, from the exploration and mining, R&D, production, sales, international trade, logistics, and power generation from both fossil fuels and new energy.

。 CMG is the preeminent industrial and commercial group in mainland China, a major conglomerate based in Hong Kong and is involved in a range of businesses such as port operations, general and bulk cargo transportation, container and shipping business, air cargo, and logistics park operation, owning 50 ports in 19 countries and districts. In 2016, the company’s container throughput reaches 95.77 million TEU and by the end of 2016, the company owns a world-class super oil tanker fleet of 39 VLCC. CMG also owns the world’s largest fleet of VLOC and LNG; and is the biggest manufacturer of containers and airport facilities in the world.

。 FHS is a $5.5 billion Vietnamese joint steel venture led by Taiwan's Formosa Plastics Group, which holds a 70 percent stake. China Steel Corporation, the largest steel maker in Taiwan, owns 25 percent and Japan’s JFE Steel Corporation, 5 percent. The Ha Tinh mill operates Vietnam’s first blast-furnace integrated steel mill (ISP) and output will be eventually ramping up to an annual 22 million tons or more, which makes it the largest ISP in Southeast Asia and marks a significant step for Vietnam that now imports most of its steel from China.




Business Development

Facilitated the market entry and expansion of Eti Maden in collaboration with glass substrate manufacturers in Taiwan. This endeavor aimed to establish and strengthen business partnerships with the Taiwanese companies, enabling Eti Maden to supply boron products for the production of these advanced display panels.




Sales Management

Implemented a strategic sales force realignment initiative to enhance sales effectiveness and drive performance improvement. The following key actions were taken:

• Grouped sales representatives into VBUs based on their individual capabilities, enabling efficient allocation of resources and leveraging strengths within each group.

• Addressed organizational changes and introduced comprehensive incentive programs to foster cooperation within the Virtual Business Unit (VBU) and stimulate healthy competition among different sales groups.

• Conducted territory optimization using a data-driven and quantitative approach to achieve sales management objectives, including increasing sales, balancing workload, reducing travel time, and improving customer service.

• Revised territory assignments to accommodate the introduction of new product offerings, ensuring optimal coverage and maximizing sales potential.

• Boosted motivation of the sales force by providing equal incentive opportunities to all representatives, ensuring fairness and encouraging high performance.

These strategic measures aimed to realign the sales force, optimize territories, and create a supportive environment that drives collaboration and healthy competition among sales teams. By addressing organizational changes, enhancing incentives, and adapting territories to reflect the product mix, the company improved overall sales effectiveness.

Revitalized the Fiberfil product line through innovative reinvention efforts. Key actions taken include:

• Redesigned the formation process of the patented VCF (Vertical Fiber) technology, enhancing its capabilities and performance.

• Enhanced the Fiberfil product mix to establish a strong competitive position in cushion and mattress applications, enabling effective competition with foams.

By leveraging the redesigned VCF technology and optimizing the product mix, the company aimed to offer superior solutions for cushioning and mattress needs. This strategic approach sought to position Fiberfil as a leading choice in the market, enabling the company to capture new opportunities and expand its presence in the cushion and mattress industry.




Business Development


• Established valuable connections with potential partners and appointed country representatives as a strategic initiative to drive global expansion.

• Attained significant accomplishments in the Indian market by forging a strategic partnership with Aimil.

• Contributed expertise and resources to diverse projects across Korea, India, Brazil, Thailand, and Vietnam.

• Empowered engineers to attend industry shows and actively participate in academic conferences and activities held in India, Thailand, and the USA.




Operations & Business Development


• Successfully secured substantial trial orders for set-top box solutions with Comcast, a renowned American telecommunications conglomerate known as the largest cable TV provider and a major internet service provider (ISP) in the United States. This achievement highlights SVA Networks’ ability to deliver products meeting the stringent requirements of leading industry players.

• Efficiently oversaw the daily operations of the company, ensuring smooth and effective functioning across all areas.
Proactively addressed operational challenges, identified areas for improvement, and implemented effective solutions. Fostered a collaborative and positive work environment, promoting teamwork and effective communication. By effectively overseeing day-to-day operations, the company was able to maintain productivity, streamline workflows, and address any challenges or issues that arose in a timely manner.

• Effectively coordinated the outsourcing of prototype production to accelerate multiple New Product Development (NPD) initiatives. By strategically managing the process of engaging external resources for prototype manufacturing, the company was able to streamline the development timeline for various projects.






• Pioneered the establishment of the SI (System Integrator) and network business, achieving remarkable success by securing contracts worth over 5 million dollars in the company's first year of operation in 1990.
This exceptional outcome was a result of strategic initiatives, including obtaining Qualified Supplier certification from state and local government agencies, universities, and school districts.

• Implemented the Netware local area network to enhance the entire company's computing resources, ensuring improved reliability and availability.




Business Development

The company successfully introduced renowned US aircraft overhaul/service and instrument companies, including AlliedSignal, ELDEC, AAR and etc. to the Chinese market. Notably, AAR Landing Gear Services secured a multi-year contract with China Southwest Airlines for the maintenance of their Boeing 737-200 aircraft. With a focus on servicing Chinese customers and driving business growth, I played an instrumental role in facilitating the successful partnerships and expanding these companies' presence in the Chinese aviation industry.

AlliedSignal, a former member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, specializes in various aerospace product lines, including aircraft lighting, wheels and braking systems, auxiliary power units (APUs), avionics, regional/business aircraft engines, environmental control systems (ECS), flight recorders, and jet engine fuel control systems.

ELDEC is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical products for aerospace and defense applications. Their range of offerings includes position indication and control systems, battery charging systems, true mass fuel flow systems, and voltage power supplies.

AAR is an independent provider of comprehensive airframe maintenance, rotable components overhaul and maintenance, mission-critical landing gear services, interior reconfiguration, as well as structural and systems modifications. AAR Landing Gear Services, based in Miami, received a supplier award from Southwest Airlines for achieving 100% on-time delivery and maintaining a perfect quality record.